Titles Available for Purchase

  • The Bed of A Broken Man (June 2018)

    Neville is a Harlem novelist lost in the rut of a writers’ block that is causing him to delve into his the reason for his promiscuity and commitment phobia despite a desire to find his queen and settle down.

  • Ballads & Blues

    A group of touring musicians struggle with personal demons while playing backup for an emotionally unstable R&B star while trying to break into the main stage of the turbulent music industry.


    SEASONAL is about a bisexual man who's dating life is challenged by the relationship boundaries imposed on him by his various romantic interests who have trouble accepting his sexual and romantic orientation.

  • Her Name Is Kevin

    Eddie, a New York City line cook in Hell's Kitchen, meets and ultimately enters his first relationship with a transgender woman -- much to his surprise. The story follows his whirlwind of emotions as he tries to reconcile his feelings with his desires.