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  • Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You (2019)

    4 videos  |  Rent $4.99

    An angry outcast on the run after murdering of his lover in a crime of passion spends his nights meandering from one small town to the next guarding his black heart and perpetrating his deadly sexual whims onto unsuspecting lovers.

  • A Beautiful Cruel Thing (2018)

    10 videos  |  Buy $4.99

    'A Beautiful Cruel Thing' is the story of CHAD and MYRON who have left their friends behind in Atlanta and relocated to Miami to live out their lives together though they soon realize that is not going to be easy. After Chad gets hustled out of his late father's inheritance, he and Myron get som...

  • Freefall | Season 3 (2016)

    15 videos  |  Rent $5.99

    In the introspective Season 3, the fellas learn that they can't run from their past and that they can't trust their future. Where does that leave them?

  • KTSE (2019)

    Hendrix Robinson known to his fans worldwide as “Hendrix” or “Henny” is a scandal-prone platinum-selling rapper who battles addiction along with crippling anxiety attacks while trying to escape his street past and maintain his musical livelihood — which is his only saving grace.

    Starring Gary ...