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  • Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You (2019)

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    EXPECTED RELEASE DATE: January 30, 2019

    An angry outcast on the run after murdering of his lover in a crime of passion spends his nights meandering from one small town to the next guarding his black heart and perpetrating his deadly sexual whims onto unsuspecting lovers.

  • KIRKWOOD (2019)

    KIRKWOOD follows the lives of three searching souls — a depressed cop who takes his personal issues and vices out on an unsuspecting public (Raheem Mendez), a felon turned political candidate who struggles to escape his past by transforming his community (Deontay Calhoun) and a recently single, l...

  • SAINTS: A modern southern gothic (2019)

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    A depraved Southern woman takes to the road with her equally wayward brother to track down her abusive stepfather who is suspected in her mother's untimely homicide and in the retribution process helps relieve the sufferings of strangers across the south who are reeling from their own pains and o...

  • Ghosts of Fort Greene | Season 1 (2018)

    5 videos  |  Buy $4.99

    Hop and his mosaic of seedy friends and associates are haunted by emotional baggage, dark secrets and shady pasts as they try to survive on the streets of Brooklyn.

    Starring Bry'Nt, Anthony Goss, Juan Collado, Joshua Spencer Boone, Summer Minerva, Ronda Swindell
    Created and Directed by Lamont...