RED SKIN (2019)

RED SKIN (2019)

A sexy psychological love story following the turbulence of two souls addicted to toxicity and each other.

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RED SKIN (2019)

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  • Official Trailer | RED SKIN 2.0

    Duke, 44, is a failed jazz musician turned social worker who met and subsequently became involved with Cassius, 28, who is an aspiring actor. Will their turbulent relationship survive the extremities of their opposing motivations, aspirations and emotional thresholds? Or will they tragically (an...

  • First Look | RED SKIN 2.0

    An anthology series about couples addicted to the highs and lows of turbulent love. Each are operating at an emotional deficit looking to fill a void in the other. Will these volatile couples -- in love but addicted to dysfunction -- be able to survive each other, go their separate ways to save t...

  • Red Skin RETURNS #Spring2019

  • RED SKIN | Episode 1

    Will the wild-natured Santana and the brooding Kaleb survive each other or will they tragically (and maybe poetically) crash and burn -- together?

  • RED SKIN | Episode 2

  • RED SKIN | Episode 3

  • Red Skin | Episode 4

    Santana and Kaleb make new efforts to bond after a rocky few months but a night out triggers new insecurities lurking in their blindspots.